Professional MBA Automotive Industry

The TU Wien and the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava are the first institutions in Europe to answer the specific demand for managers within the automotive and component supply industry. Participants study the structures and processes and specialise in the production and logistics of the industry. Both universities put emphasis on the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. Visits to major companies of the industry in the Centrope Region as well as guest lecturers complement the course which starts each October.

The Professional MBA Automotive Industry course is in its seventh year by now. The part-time MBA is conducted in English and located in Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia.

Both universities are highly acclaimed: The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava was founded in 1937. Since then more than 105,000 students graduated in the Slovak capital’s university.

The development of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry was partly funded by the EU due to its recognition of the necessity to invest in the Centrope Region’s automotive industry. The course is accredited by the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation).

Specifications of the course

The Professional MBA Automotive Industry is tailor-made for current and future managers in the automotive and components supply industry. The professional background of previous participants is divided into Production and Sales (OEM) (20%), Component Suppliers (57%) and Research Organisations, Insurance and Consulting companies (23%). As quoted, most students have an engineering background, others followed a career path as natural scientists or economists. However, the main target group are professionals, managers and freelancers with several years of experience in the automotive and components supply industry.

The students are truly international, few are from Austria, it is a global class with participants from Egypt, Belgium, Germany, Romania, the Russian Federation, the UK and America. The course begins in October with an outdoor module on ‘Team Building’ and the ‘Introduction to the Automotive Industry’ and ends with the Master’s Thesis two years later. The classes take place every three to six weeks from Thursday morning until Sunday evening alternating in Vienna and Bratislava.

The academic year is divided in four modules that address e.g. the identification of short- and long-term challenges within the industry, the management of complex and dynamic projects, the appropriate usage of management tools, and the adaptation to national and international changes within the industry. Therefore the participants study Accounting & Controlling, Management Science, Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Marketing & Competition Strategy, Corporate Finance and Managerial Economics as well as European & International Business Law. Students discuss automotive industry related case studies in every lecture. The Master’s thesis is conducted as practice-oriented course based on academic criteria. It is most often linked to the company that suits the student’s interest best.

The theoretical parts are not only complemented by various excursions to the key figures of the industry but also by discussions with international experts.

Admission Requirements, Application process and Tuition Fees

Applicants hold an academic degree, at least two years of professional experience and profound knowledge of the English language. However, in exceptional cases also equivalent qualifications may be considered.
To apply, students have to submit the application form along with the required documents. An admission interview with the academic director of the program in English confirms the motivation and professional experience of the applicant.

The application deadline is January 31, 2018, the course starts on March 22, 2018.

The tuition fee is 20.000 Euro excluding travelling and accommodation expenses, including course materials, refreshments and an iPad 2. Austrian citizens can deduct the tuition fees and other related expenses from their income tax declaration.


The part-time Professional MBA Automotive Industry is tailor-made for managers in this growing market. Graduates will have studied the specialisations, problems and methods of the industry and are thus able to evaluate the future economic, managerial and technological development in the Automotive Industry. The final degree ‘Master of Business Administration Automotive Industry (MBA)’ is granted by the TU Wien in cooperation with Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.

Interview with a graduate of Professional MBA Automotive Industry

  • Klaus Müller (MBA)

Head of Business Segment „Tier1-customers“ within Interior Body & Security; CEO Continental Automotive Austria GmbH.
Diverse positions in Controlling, Finance & Administration and General Management with Siemens, BSH (Bosch & Siemens Home appliances), Siemens VDO Automotive and Continental in 8 locations in Germany, Brazil, Italy and Austria.

Klaus, please tell us why you decided to do your MBA Automotive Industry at the TU Wien?

Of course, yet actually there was more than one reason: Primarily I wanted to add fresh theoretical and scientific knowledge to my over 25 years of business experience. Secondly I saw this program as a chance to extend my international network due to the 2 locations Vienna and Bratislava, and last but not least I use to challenge myself from time to time. In other words, I wanted to know whether I can finish my studies successfully besides – and without harming – my current demanding job in the automotive industry.

Where do you work today – and what is your professional background, compared to before and after your MBA?

I lead Continental Automotive Austria GmbH and a worldwide acting customer segment of Continental automotive, with the main scope of supplying Body & Security electronics like headlamp or sunroof controls to our Tier1 customers. I have a financial background and changed into general management some years ago, after various assignments in 4 different countries.

Please explain, in what specific aspects did the MBA contribute to your career?

I did not make a direct career step connected to the MBA, and this was also not my intention. But the acquired – or repeated – knowledge gathered in the MBA-program is very valuable in my daily business and helps me often to come to faster and more solid decisions. And this was my intention.

What was the decisive moment in your life that led to the decision to get started?

I was thinking about starting such a program in 2011 during a whole weekend, after having heard about it from colleagues. On Monday I had the flyer of the Automotive MBA on my desk, sent by the TU Wien by coincidence on that day. I don’t believe in coincidence, so I took it as a good sign to decide and apply.

In a nutshell, what was the year as a student like?

It was one and a half years, and I enjoyed it. But I had to learn how to learn again, and this required a high degree of discipline. Especially the master’s thesis was very demanding in that respect, but I overcame the moments of dejection by telling me “nobody forced you, it was your choice and now you have the challenge you wanted”. And I can tell you, it is a very good feeling when all is over. This feeling is almost worth everything.

What did you particularly enjoy during your studies? Did you experience any surprises?

Being 48 years at start I was one of the oldest students, and it was fascinating to see how we all could learn from each other. Colleagues learned from my experience, and I profited from their ability to handle the latest communication tools, just to name one example. I also enjoyed not to be in a leading function like normal but just to be part of a successful team. And the team was very international: 19 people from 8 nationalities.

Despite the fact that it is a part-time MBA, were you still able keep a satisfactory solid work-life balance?

The lecture phases were Thursday morning to Sunday evening once a month. Outside these periods you need to prepare, do homework etc. Whether you see your work-life-balance safeguarded depends a lot on how you see the program: as part of your work or as part of my life. For me this was clear: as it was absolutely self-chosen I allocated it as being part of my life, so it could not harm the balance. But honestly, I needed to include my family into this equation because they tended to see this a little differently…

What would you like to let future students know about the school and the programme?

Automotive is a fascinating industry sector, and Vienna and Bratislava are very nice places. The program is well-managed and very international. I would do it again.

Interview with a spokesperson of TU Wien

  • Dipl.-Ing Dr. Man-Wook Han, MSc. (OU)

Mr. Dipl.-Ing Dr. Man-Wook Han, MSc. (OU), TU Wien, has been involved in the development and establishment of the MBA Automotive Industry since 2008. The development of the program was supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the Cross-border cooperation programme Slovakia – Austria 2007-2013.

What is the background of the demand for an MBA Automotive Industry?

In the Central European Region (CENTROPE) mostly well-known car manufacturers are expanding their manufacturing capabilities and establishing new R&D facilities.We meet this tremendous need on the education system for managers and future managers in the automotive or components supply industry by providing additional knowledge and upgrading their skills to solve the challenging problems. The aim of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry is to train automotive managers who are able to cope with the present and future demands of this global industry. We focus on the combination of knowledge about the automotive technology, as well as business subjects with a special focus on production and logistics.

Would you please describe the programme and its specifications

The Professional MBA Automotive Industryis specifically tailored to the requirements of the automotive and component supply industry. The lectures are conducted exclusively in English by major researchers and experts and are carefully designed to ensure a balanced combination of theory and practice. In addition to the lectures we undertake excursions to major automotive and supplier production sites, organize fireside chats with opinion leaders and offer on site lectures at the production plants of original equipment manufacturers (OEMS).

What else would you say is different to other MBAs?

During the lectures participants will not only get a profound theoretical background but also a practical implantation to real life. A teaching block of four days consists of three days of theory with Professors and one day about practical parts with experts from the automotive industry. In addition to the theoretical lectures, automotive industry related case studies will have to be handled. For example, the lecture of accounting and controlling goes along with a financial report of an automotive company or component supplier.

Please describe the profiles of your MBA students and: what is the percentage of women?

Until now we have had participants from twenty different countries, their professional backgrounds are divided into the following: 20 % from OEM (Production and Sales), 57% from Component Suppliers, 23% from Research Organisations, Insurance or Consulting companies. 15% of the participants are female.

Is it possible to work part time during the MBA year?

The Professional MBA Automotive Industry program is presented as part-time program in modules, divided into four semesters. It is laid out to combine study and work. Therefore the lectures are held in blocks every 3 to 6 weeks either in Vienna or in Bratislava.

What is the application process like? Or rather, how do you select the candidates?

With the submitted application form and the required documents the qualification of the applicant will be checked. As next step the admission interview with the academic director takes place. During the interview, which is conducted in English, the academic director enquires about the motivation, expectation and professional background of the applicant. At the same time the applicant of course also has the possibility to ask about the program. According to the motivation, English knowledge, professional experience in the automotive and component supply industry the admission will be decided right after the admission interview.

Last but not least, how much is a full-time year with you at the MBA Automotive Industry?

The tuition fee for the entire MBA Program is EUR 20,000 (free of VAT) including course material and refreshments during breaks excluding travel expenses and cost of room & board. Each participant will get an IPAD 2 with pre-installed Apps which help her/him the learning easier and convenient.

And the application deadline is?

January 31, 2018

And the program starts?

March 22, 2018

Final Degree

“Master of Business Administration” (MBA) granted by the TU Wien in cooperation with the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

more informations



Language of Instruction



4 semesters, part-time program, presented in modules

Program Start

March 22, 2018

Application Deadline

January 31, 2018

Tuition Fee

20 000 Euro

Academic Directors

  • Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.Wirtsch.-Ing. Dr.h.c. Wilfried Sihn (TU Wien)
  • Ing. Jan Lesinsky, PhD. Assoc. Prof. (STU Bratislava)
Dr. Man Wook Han
Dr. Man-Wook Han, MSc (OU)
Program Manager Professional MBA Automotive Industry

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